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NetSupport School versie 10.70.0 Product update
Donderdag 16 Juni 2011, 21:30u
Update voor NetSupport School beschikbaar.
Overzicht verbeteringen(Engels):

  • The Web Control feature now includes support for monitoring and applying restrictions to the Google Chrome Browser.
  • Support for NetSupport School Tutor Console to connect to NetSupport Assist Students.
  • Application Control - Support provided to enable 64bit applications to be restricted.
  • Web Control - Support provided to enable restrictions when using 64bit Browsers.
  • NetSupport School updated to include support for SoftXpand 2011.
  • The Show Hotkeys feature now includes support for 64bit applications.
  • Messenger Monitoring now include Support for Windows Live Essentials 2011.
  • Tutor/Tech Console performance improvements when displaying web and application updates when connected to a large number of Students.
  • Terminal Services Room Mode Lookup settings added to ADM template files.
  • New Tutor Configuration option provided to restrict Tutor Interface to CCE functionality set. This is intended for use when using a Tutor on a standard desktop to connect to Students within a Centralised Computing environment. For example Multipoint Server
Overzicht fixes (Engels):

  • Resolved issue whereby it was not possible to add IP addresses to the Tutor Console Approved or Restricted Web lists.
  • Resolved issue whereby it was not possible to add a URL to the Approved or Restricted Web lists that included a question Mark.
  • Fixed issue where the Lock Image would not work correctly within a Japanese Windows 2003 R2 Terminal Server Environment.
  • Fixed an obscure condition where running applications at the Student sometimes did not appear within the Application Control view at the Tutor.
  • Fixed a fault in File Distribution/Transfer where opening directory properties fails with "Error 5" .
  • Resolved issue whereby when using the Application Control feature to 'Kill' a 64bit Application the confirmation message displayed would not display the correct application name.
  • The Tutor Console Test report now displays the Tutor name entered in the Class wizard.
  • Fixed a timing related issue that could result in an Assert error appearing at the Student when using the Co-Browser feature.
  • Resolved an Assert error that could occur when attempting to show the Test results to a Student that has disconnected.
  • New menu option added to the Tech Console {View}{Toolbar} drop down menu to allow the Group bar to be re-instated after being hidden.
  • Resolved issue whereby if the Tutor Console performing a Replay recording was terminated then it may not have been possible to playback the Replay file.
  • Resolved intermittent fault that could cause the Student to drop its connection after applying Printer Controls.
  • The options for Journal and View Journal are now greyed out on the Tutor Toolbar when there is no Journal in Progress.
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